Research and Development

TecnoCer combines artisanal knowledge and cutting-edge technologies to create machines of latest generation.

Our team focuses on the study and development of innovative technologies to use inside our plants, while drafting solutions and enhancing the production processes of our clients in a sustainable and industry 4.0 key.

Industry 4.0

The themes of the industry 4.0 have become ever more an integral part of the gears behind companies. That is a digitalization of the manufacture that TecnoCer develops in its Research and Development project in order to respond to this ongoing revolution in the ceramic production system. Technology has a primary role in the management of the increasing complexity of industrial processes, which need a quick reconfiguration to face a more and more dynamic and continuous evolution of the market demand. Automation at its highest levels, predictive maintenance, remote assistance, tracking, human-machine interaction, are all domains on which TecnoCer has been working for quite some time now with the purpose of offering innovative technologies aimed to respond rapidly and efficiently to the issues and challenges of the industry.


According to the new standards of CO2 emissions and energy efficiency established by the European Union, TecnoCer develops its own machinery focusing on energy saving, waste reduction and raw materials. Whether it concerns new software or new machinery, TecnoCer obtains a greater economic and environmental sustainability of its own processes thanks to the control of data and flows.