Double-roll silicone Motorized engobe

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Double-roll silicone Motorized engobe

The motorized engobe is an automatic machine designed and built for insertion on the glazing line, to distribute a uniform engobe layer on the lower base of the ceramic tiles in transit on the conveyor line. This treatment on the tiles is carried out to avoid the contamination of the rollers of the oven during cooking caused by the passage of the rollers. The transfer of the engobe onto the tile is carried out by means of a central idler roll made of a specific material which, rotating by means of the two motorized lower rollers, is imbibed with engobe and then transferred to the tile in transit.

Available versions: For format from 150×150 up to 1600×3200 mm


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Double-roll silicone Motorized engobe from TecnoCer, Italy

Our automatic motorized engobe is designed and built so it can be fitted into your glazing line. You can opt for machines from 150 x 150mm right up to 1600 x 3200mm, so you’re sure to find the right engobe to suit your needs at TecnoCer. This motorized unit delivers a uniform engobe layer onto the lower base of ceramic tiles as they transit your production line. This treatment ensures the avoidance of contamination of rollers in the oven during the baking process. The transfer of the engobe onto the tile is carried out by a central idler roll which rotates due to the effect of the motorized lower rollers. This way the central roller absorbs the engobe which is then transferred onto the tile as it passes through the production line.

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