Glaze station

Glaze station


Automatic glaze preparation station with density control and maintenance in multiple tanks


  • Granules loading system
  • Self-priming pump for raw material

Functional characteristics

  • Automatically load the desired amount of glaze following the set recipe
  • It inserts all the additives, including grits, with precision to the gram in the tank.
  • Bring the density enamel mixing the preparation and inserting the necessary water.
  • Fill the tub placed under the application with the enamel obtained, always maintaining the density constant, adding water or enamel depending on the need.
  • Through the use of a mass sensor, the continuous operation of the machine is guaranteed with real-time measurements, without any hitch or obstruction of the parts.
  • The device also consists of automated valves and flowmeters with internal coatings designed to operate in a ceramic working environment.
  • The software allows you to create and manage production recipes and collect data on the actual consumption of the product.

Technical features

  • Mast capacity 210 liters
  • 1.1 kw mixing pump
  • Up to 4 containers for 20 liter additives each
  • Mass flow sensor and self-cleaning density
  • Up to 5 load cells
  • Laser photocells