Tecnocer Italy takes a lead in the supply of speciality machinery for the enamelling of ceramic tiles and bricks. Our continuous search for improvement means we are always innovating and building on the equipment we supply and our airless cabin is no exception.

If you’re looking for an enamel application machine featuring an airless cabin you can opt for a variety of models. These include our four or six dispenser airless cabin or our Airless Eco 4 model. These cabins are suited for use with a variety of pumps using airless anti-drip cabin application methods. Our cabins are fabricated from high quality stainless steel.

The four dispenser airless anti-drip cabin has dimensions of 1800 × 1400mm for formats 30/60/90cm and has side discharge and a lowered central drain.

The six dispenser airless anti-drip cabin features a lowered central double exhaust and has dimensions of 2500 × 1400mm for formats 30/60/90cm.

Our Airless Eco 4 machine has four nozzles and features a double central loading cabin. It is used for the application of enamels on ceramics. This complete machine has four or six airless guns and a control panel. It features an airless cab and touch screen controls for ease of use.

We supply a wide range of enamel application machinery, including Airless Wizard 6 dispensers, Airstorm Airbrush 10 guns and Double Disk machines.

You will be impressed by the high quality of all our equipment and machines and all parts are available, at any time in the future. We can also design an entire ceramics plant for customers, if needed and offer all essential after sales service support to all our valued customers.

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4 dispenser cabin with side discharge

Available versions:

4/6 dispenser
Cabin dimensions 4 dispensers
1800×1400 mm for formats 30 / 60 / 90 cm

Available funds:

side discharge, central drain, lowered central drain
Cabin size 6 dispensers
2500×1400 mm for formats 30/60/90 cm

Available funds:

single and double side discharge, single and double central exhaust, double lowered central drain

6 dispenser cabin with lowered central double exhaust