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Multi axis cabin for glaze

Automate the ceramics glazing activities at your manufacturing outlet with the multi axis cabin for glaze offered by Tecnocer. We have a fantastic reputation for the supply of reliable machinery to the ceramics sector and this new multi axis cabin for glaze is no exception. Several decades of experience within the enamelling industry has made us brand leaders in the supply of durable and robust equipment of ceramic tiles, bricks and other associated products.

The multi axis cabin for glaze from Tecnocer, Italy, offers automated glazing with full control over density and all maintenance issues. The glaze cabin features multiple tanks which have a granule loading system. The unit also features a self-priming pump for raw materials. This machine includes software to create and manage all production recipes, as well as monitor use and performance of all operations.

Operators have the ability to auto load the required amounts of glaze to any recipe quantity. The glaze station will automatically insert precise amounts of all required elements to the tank, including grit. Once all additives are in the tank, it’s just necessary to add the required amounts of water to achieve the enamel density needed.

Mass sensors ensure real-time measurements are available throughout the time the machine is operational. The glaze cabin also features a number of automated valves and flow meters to facilitate operations within a ceramics environment.

The equipment features a 1.1KW mixing pump, 210 litre mast capacity and has four containers which can each hold up to 20 litres of additives. Additional features include five load cells and laser photocells. With the self-cleaning density ability of this machine, you won’t experience undue maintenance issues at all.

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