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Tecnocer launches machine for the application of grits

Tecnocer is proud to announce the launch of our machine for the application of grits in the ceramics industry. We’re continually striving to improve and enhance our equipment for ceramics and brick production lines and this new grits applicator is one more example of the top quality of all our machinery. Tecnocer has been supplying global enameling machinery for the ceramics sector for decades and we have the highest reputation in the industry for consistent and durable machines that really do offer cost efficiencies to producers. We also supply any essential fitments and spare parts to keep your Tecnocer equipment operating at the highest levels.

About our machine for the application of grits

Our new grits applicator can be used for the application of sands or granules within the ceramics sector and consists of a hopper with elevator for loading grits and a durable head to ensure even distribution on tiles and bricks. All excess grits are recovered during this process, to eliminate waste entirely. The machine’s control panel is intuitive for operators and has a variety of different work program settings for ease of use. Browse our website to find out more about our grits applicators.

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