Our company has decades of experience in the production of plants and machinery for the enaming of ceramic tiles, special pieces and bricks.

In all these years we have developed a continuous research in the plant sector that rewarded us by allowing us the introduction on the domestic and foreign market of innovative and reliable technologies, to reduce the production costs of the ceramics companies , and able, at the same time, to guarantee the quality of the results.

Our company is ready to satisfy every need in the ceramic field: We assure our customers reliability of the products and a punctual and constant service of technical consultancy as well as wide range of supply of spare parts.

In All these years we have then supported our values with stuariness, disseminating tradition and attention to detail of the Made in Italy. In fact, each of our products is entirely designed, manufactured and marketed by the company. So that our customers can continue to pray the integrity of a product that is our virtue and that totally belongs to us, that wins on imitations, and that day after day it interfaces with today’s market.

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